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Social Video Optimization In eCommerce Today

by Rachel Toole  25 May 2011

Social video in eCommerce truly adds to your customer’s interest and influences their purchasing decision. It’s best applied the following ways:

Creating interesting videos that people will want to share with others. These are videos of your products and services for sale (demos, features, testimonials from real people, presentations in-house and at actual public events, and other types of storytelling), or of the people behind the products that are appealing enough to make customers want to share them with others (and reach potential customers through search, discovery, and word of mouth).

“Seeding” videos of your products and services to the social media channels where your customers and customer prospects congregate, create, and participate. The Viral Ad Networks’ co-Founder Chris Quigley had this to share: “Seeding is all about planting as many seeds [of your content] around the Internet, and seeing which ones take off the most – i.e., which ones grow and get shared the most. In practice, this means syndicating content to as many sites as possible, and seeing which seeds result in the video getting shared the most.”

Dialoging with customers – video is a great way to answer customer questions about your products and services, and to respond to their own feedback in positive ways.

Incentivizing – Contests or special discounts can work well for getting people motivated to create their own video content and share it with your customer base and audience, allowing you both to share in the extra attention and generate more awareness for what you’re selling.

To find out more about Social Video Optimization visit video-commerce.org.

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