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YouTube Killed the TV Star: Why Online Video Marketing is Essential for Marketers in 2012

by Rachel Toole  25 January 2012

Could 2012 be the year marketers embrace video in their social marketing efforts? We think yes, and here’s four reasons why:

1. Video is Getting Bigger

Since May 2011, there are more than 48 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute. And as of December 2011, YouTube boasted more than a trillion videos viewed this year alone. With 71% of all online adults participating platforms like YouTube, video sharing is up 38% since 2006, 28% of which share on a daily basis.

2. Video Sells to the C-Suite

If you think that video marketing is only suitable for end consumers, then think again. Senior executives watch videos to make purchase decisions. A Forbes Insights report points to 65% of senior decision-makers visiting a vendor’s website after watching a video. In fact, 83% of the surveyed senior executives report watching more online video today than they were a year ago, with 75% indicating they watch work-related videos at least weekly.

3. Video is Essential for Inbound Marketing and SEO

Hosting videos on your site is a great way to attract and engage visitors. Visitors spend an average of two more minutes on websites that host videos than on sites that don’t. Video helps to increase a website’ quality score too. A ‘long click’, which leads to more time spent on site, results from higher quality content, ultimately enhancing user engagement.

4. Video is Killing the TV Star

A Bright Roll survey early this year reveals 65% of marketers plan to reallocate campaign dollars from TV to online video. Over 25% see online and mobile video as the two areas that will see the overall largest spend increase this and next year. Most marketers report taking advertising budgets away from television and display. Marketers plan to spend more on video because it works – video drives sales.

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