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Speaking to Niche Audiences – Part 1

by Rachel Toole

How can you save money and increase creativity while still growing your company? You can start by checking out what other companies are doing in their marketing and social media models, then tweak them to align with your companies goals.

One brand to look at is Gap Incorporated. Rachel Tipograph – Director of Global Digital & Social Media for Gap –  recently spoke about how to be relevant and reach your target at this years’ Corporate Social Media Summit in San Francisco. Having just come from Bonoroo where Gap had a big presence, Rachel leveraged that presence across social media networks – Checking in at “Gap Be Bright” on Foursquare, posting pics on Facebook & Instagram, tweeting DIY projects, and pinning to their “Bonaroo Style” board on Pinterest.

Gap Inc. has mastered their impressively accurate niche marketing concept. So what is niche marketing? According to Brandchannel’s glossary, Niche Marketing is marketing adapted to the needs, wishes and expectations of small, precisely defined groups of individuals. It’s a form of market segmentation, but aimed at very small segments.

How does Gap Inc. effectively use niche marketing? Just take a look at their various brands websites. Each of Gap’s brands targets a different audience:

• Old Navy targets families looking for affordable everyday wear.
• Gap positions itself as an American brand specializing in classic basics.
• Banana Republic offers reasonably priced luxury.
• Piperlime aims for boutique shoppers who seek unique shopping products.

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