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5 Ways to Dominate Your Competitors Through Content Marketing

by Rachel Toole

The market for content marketing remains wide open; but the freedom and opportunity it affords means that you will have plenty of competitors in the market as well. To succeed, you need some solid strategies that will set you apart from your competition. Here are 5 ways to dominate your competitors through content marketing:

1. Hire journalists. With print media and journalism in general on a downward trend, many companies are picking up journalists and editors to fill marketing positions. To get ahead of your competitors, you need to follow in the steps of major corporations and use media professionals in your content marketing.

2. Partner with media companies. Partnering with media companies for things like webinars allows you to reach their audience – and bring them into your readership. Media companies’ decline means it is easier than ever to get these kinds of deals.

3. Focus on mobile marketing. Mobile devices are ever more prevalent for consuming media, and companies that fail to make the transition to mobile will find themselves left behind. As you design your content and its delivery, keep in mind that within a few years a majority of your traffic could come from mobile devices; your content needs to be accessible from desktops and mobile devices alike.

4. Hone the material. Good editing and proofreading can make a huge difference in how your content is received. This is especially important if you are having your employees write content. While your employees have insider knowledge that can’t be found in people outside the company, they probably don’t have the writing and storytelling skills to write content that’s ready to be published; that’s where an editor comes in.

5. Recycle your ideas. Even if you only have one major idea to put forward, you can get a lot of content from it. From a single story, you can create content in many different mediums: white papers, blog posts, presentations, and much more. This takes the focus away from thinking of ideas for contents, and on executing them well.

As you can see from these 5 ways to dominate your competitors through content marketing, the key to successful content marketing lies partially in maximizing the content you have, and partially in locking into the trends that are coming to define content marketing. The trends that shape content marketing are largely technological: the decline of print media, and the transition from desktop computers to mobile devices. Check out this infographic for additional steps for an optimized content strategy.

Infographic: 7 Steps for an Optimized Content Strategy

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