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6 Ways to Use Online Video for B2B Event Marketing

by Rachel Toole

Using online video for B2B event marketing can be extremely effective; both Internet users as a whole and executives have been shown to watch, and be influenced by, significant amounts of online video. Moreover, video-watching is not just limited to leisure; many executives watch videos for work-related reasons. Let’s explore 6 ways to use online video for B2B event marketing, based on a case study performed by MarketingProfs.

1. As pre-event marketing. Releasing a video prior to your event can serve as a valuable form of marketing, similar to releasing a whitepaper download. If you offer other marketing tools located at the same site as your video, the impact can be even greater.

2. In social media. Spreading your video using social media can help raise brand awareness prior to the event, as well as remind people of the upcoming event.

3. As SEO marketing. You can optimize many aspects of your video to increase search engine traffic. The closed captioning, description, title, and tags are all opportunities to use the video for SEO purposes. YouTube videos commonly come up during Google searches, so an indexed video can make all the difference.

4. With video QR codes. Include a QR code for your video on promotional advertisements or banners at appropriate locations, such as trade shows. This allows people to see and scan the code and immediately watch the video on their smartphone.

5. At a trade show. Streaming your video in-booth on high quality monitors can increase brand recall. In addition, it can serve as a helpful introduction during meetings.

6. During post-event marketing. Marketing tools such as thank-you emails can link to the page that holds the video. The thank-you email helps continue the relationship with the contacts made at the event, while the use of the video again increases brand recall and helps spread relevant information.

QuantiSense, the subject of the case study, found great success with this approach, increasing in-person meetings by over 200%. As an example, MEDIAmobz recently captured this email with Facebook thought leader, Mari Smith at Useful Social Media in San Francisco. The video has over 1000 views on YouTube and was a very effective marketing tool for everyone involved – Mari Smith, MEDIAmobz, and Useful Social Media.

As you can see from these 6 ways to use online video for B2B event marketing, the same video can be applied to many different marketing formats. The fact that a single video can be used for so many purposes, and to such great effect, highlights another aspect of using online video for B2B marketing: the importance of high quality. A video with good production value can serve as the cornerstone of an entire B2B event marketing campaign.

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