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Aiding Prospect Engagement With Video

by Pablo Sanchez

Prospect engagement is built on the principle of delivering consistent high quality, meaningful marketing interactions throughout the buying cycle. Engaging prospects with video is just one component of prospect engagement. As many customers don’t reach the purchase stage of the cycle until they’ve done extensive research on their own, the sales cycle is broader than ever. As more consumers use the Internet to make purchasing decisions, prospect engagement is only going to become more important. There are three levels to the strategy approach of influencing prospective customers early in the cycle: putting your best face forward, getting to know them, and talking to them.

Put your best face forward

As such a large portion of your customers are doing personal research, it’s up to you to make sure that the information that is available online about your company is positive, detailed, and relevant. No matter what type of video content you produce, it isn’t going to make a difference if you have a poor online reputation. Produce high quality videos on a regular basis, and share them on multiple channels so that they get as much exposure as possible.

As every new smartphone is equipped with a video camera and it is free to upload to video sharing sites, video production and sharing has never been more affordable. You do not need to hire a professional crew for a video in order to produce great content. Take the time to write and practice a script, set up appropriate lighting, equip the people in the video with microphones, and edit the video before you share it.

Get to know your prospects

In order to be successful with engaging prospects with video, first you must get to know them. As you most likely already have established social media accounts, it is not hard to get in touch with prospective customers and talk to them directly. Why are they interested in your business? How can your products and services meet their needs? Instead of adopting a “let’s treat everyone the same” mentality, target your video content to your prospects accordingly so that you reach as many people as possible.

Provide customized content

Online video sharing sites come with a wealth of statistics and analytics tools. There is no excuse for offering generic content when you have so much data about your audience and their behaviors right at your fingertips. When you know who is visiting your site, you can develop more relevant messaging and follow-up strategies, which includes video.

  • Score behaviors. Score different prospect behaviors in order to guide your nurturing strategy. For example, is a prospect reading the “About Me” page or looking into licensing options?
  • Tweak the model. Use the scoring data to adjust strategies as needed.
  • Refine targets. The process of defining and refining targets is ongoing. For example, if prospects aren’t completing the call to action at the end of a video, you may just need to change the wording.

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