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Case Studies and White Papers as Scripts for Sales Enablement Videos

by Pablo Sanchez

Marketers often get confused about the definition of sales enablement because it is tough to find a single definition for the concept. It is easier to find commonalities among the definitions from varying companies and use them to write your own definition that makes sense for your specific business. The bottom line is that you have to determine what your company needs to be doing in order to drive as many sales as possible. Once you have a clear notion of sales enablement, you can start to explore using case studies and white papers as scripts for sales enablement videos.

Are you weary about spending a lot of time producing video because you aren’t sure whether or not it will yield a high ROI? In December 2013 alone, 188.2 million people in the United States watched 52.4 billion online content videos. The average United States citizen spends over 19 hours watching online video each month. Additionally, retail site visitors who watch videos stay on the site for two extra minutes and are more than twice as likely to make a purchase as other visitors.

Why is video so appealing to so many people? Video offers a lot of advantages that you simply don’t get with still photos. Video makes people pay attention to faces, human voices turn rich details into meaningful content, emotions are contagious, and people are naturally drawn to movement. If you’re not convinced, think about whether you would read a lengthy case study write-up with very few visuals or watch a four minute video presentation in which an engaging individual summed up the major points of the same case study. Most people don’t have to think twice about their answer.

So why isn’t every company using case studies and white papers as scripts for sales enablement videos? Every new smartphone and tablet on the market today has video recording capacity. There are numerous tips available online about shooting high quality video such as setting up great lighting and equipping people in the video with microphones. Editing and sharing online video does take time, but it is not difficult or expensive. If you don’t want to devote in-house staff to video production, it is not hard to find a local videographer or video production company to get the work done quickly and professionally.

For many companies, money and time are not stumbling blocks. The biggest thing that gets in the way of making videos is the script. Most organizations are not interested in taking the time to find an appropriate case study or white paper to use as a script and then actually write a script from it. The best way for you to live up to your sales enablement definition and stay ahead of the competition is to write these scripts and then follow through with the videos. When you produce high quality video content, customers will return to your site over and over again for more content.

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