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Case Studies And Whitepapers Are Perfect Scripts For Business Videos

by Pablo Sanchez

Some people are quick to dismiss online video as another fad. However, this could not be further from the truth. During the past few years, online video has become one of the top content marketing sources. According to the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey for 2012, video ranked second on the list of content and offers that marketing respondents use. It ranked about “missing data” whitepapers, case studies, and even live demonstrations with representatives.

So why is video so important? There are at least four key reasons why people are drawn to videos: they make us pay attention to faces, human voices convert rich information into meaningful content, emotions are contagious, and movement catches people’s attention. All of that sounds great, but what does it really mean for B2B companies? Think about whether you would prefer to watch a four-minute video pitch or read a four-page PDF document about the exact same product. Most people don’t even have to think about the answer.

As you start gathering case studies and whitepapers as scripts for business videos, think about the power that online video has for speeding up the sales cycle. There is no question that traditional B2B marketing materials, such as brochures, newsletters, and blog posts, do keep the sales cycle moving. However, the process from locating prospective clients to having paying customers is long. Anything that you can do to speed up the process is good.

But is speed enough to justify using case studies and whitepapers as scripts for business videos? The bottom line is that online video is an ideal format for B2B companies, largely because of its capacity to convey key details in a short period of time. Companies don’t have time to waste and neither do customers. If you’re still not convinced, think about the fact that online video also helps businesses generate leads, generate buzz, and stay ahead of the competition.

Every cell phone and digital camera manufactured today boasts video capability. As such, it certainly isn’t difficult or expensive to create and edit video and post it online. Videographers and video production companies are readily available in virtually every area of the country and can turn around technical work in a timely fashion. For most B2B companies, time and money are not stopping them. So why isn’t everyone creating videos?

The biggest stumbling block is the script. Narrowing down case studies and white papers as scripts for business videos and then actually writing them is an overwhelming task that most companies don’t want to face. Take the challenge and stay ahead of your competition by getting customers to come back to you for your video content.

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