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Content Marketing Automation And Video

by Pablo Sanchez

Content marketing automation has the capacity to expand the impact and value of your content, capture lead intelligence, increase conversion rates, foster repeat buyers, and make the general customer experience more positive. There is a wide range of marketing tasks that automation can complete more efficiently, from list segmentation to A/B website page testing to performance measurement. This technology is key for optimal content marketing ROI.

It is important to keep in mind that content marketing automation software is not a valuable asset unless you have great content for it. Without content, the software can’t actually do anything for your company. There is a wide variety of content that works well for marketing automation from webinars to advertisements to blog posts. As you review your existing content and plan the next couple months of content, make sure to consider how content marketing automation and video can work together.

Attract leads

Before you can start thinking about making a sale, you have to get people’s attention. Videos are a great way to build brand awareness and give people some basic information about your company and its products and services. You have something that they might want or need, and they should know about it. An engaging, entertaining video conveys the information and emotions that potential customers need to consider making the sale. Keep in mind that video is only effective for lead generation when people are watching it. Most of the time distribution methods for the video are what get your company views to attract leads.

Capture leads

Lead capturing is an exchange between a potential customer and a company. The lead provides something that you want or need (i.e., email address, job description) and grants permission to keep in touch. In return, the business gives the lead something of value, such as a free webinar, video, or white paper. Consider offering videos with product demonstrations, set-up or installation tutorials, and customer testimonials. You can also use content that includes video such as an online newsletter or an eBook with video components.

Nurture leads

Lead nurturing is the process of moving a lead through the sales funnel. During this stage, you develop trust and increase your integrity. Now that your leads know you, they are beginning to trust you. For the most part, the same types of content are applicable for both lead capturing and nurturing. The difference lies in how the content flows and connects. Once you have captured your leads, you must build trustworthiness and explain why your solution is a great fit for their existing problems. This process brings potential buyers to the final stage of the cycle in which they make the purchase.

Create more than one type of lead nurturing video to reach a wider audience. Whenever it is applicable, end a video with a call-to-action, such as a button to request a personal demo or to download more information.

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