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Engaging the Connected Customer with Video

by Pablo Sanchez

Have you heard the term “connected customer” but aren’t sure what it means? Are you aware of the fact that you have connected customers but aren’t sure what you should be doing to cater to them? The basic definition of a connected customer is someone who loves your brand. These customers purchase more frequently, spend more money, and promote your brand more often than other customers. They offer top-notch marketing for you, and, as such, promise your biggest potential for growth.

While it may seem like this is a no-brainer win-win situation, building and maintaining strong customer relationships is not always an easy task. Connected customers keep up with all of the latest technology and expect regular motivating, engaging content from their friends, favorite blogs, and favorite brands. One of the most successful methods that many companies have is engaging customers with video. Consider how you can incorporate video into the following customer connections.

Intelligent connection

Connected customers expect that companies know something about them. How can you make your content personal? When you are engaging customers with video, how can you make it about them? Conversion rates go through the roof when products and services cater directly to the specific needs and circumstances of their customers. If you aren’t already paying attention to these needs and circumstances, it’s never too late to start.

Real time connection

When you first get in touch with a customer, you should deliver a meaningful response. Do not give customers generic messages. Start getting to know them as soon as you start talking to them so you can customize your delivery as soon as possible. Put together video content that you can display from smartphones and tablets on the spot when you’re having face to face conversations with customers that address their questions and concerns. When you make yourself available to your customers and you provide meaningful responses, you close sales and have happy customers.

Connection at each stage of the life cycle

Connected customers are constantly looking for ways to connect to their favorite brands. Whether they are shopping from their smartphones or reading customer reviews online, they must be engaged with the brand. From initial awareness of a new brand until the moment that a sale is closed, the connection must be strong.

Keep in mind that video content will not necessarily be the same at every stage of the customer life cycle. For example, a brand new customer is most likely interested in getting a general overview of a company. In comparison, when a customer is weighing various product options, he may benefit from a video with customer testimonials.

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