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Have You Told The Story of The Biggest Value Most Users Find With Your Product?

by Pablo Sanchez

Videos allow you to show a product in action and highlight its benefits in a way that text and photos alone cannot. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to possibilities for product videos. From sharing the invention back-story, to taking a behind the scenes warehouse tour, to telling the business value story, the sky is the limit.

In an age where every new smartphone is equipped with video capability and basic video editing software is free or very affordable, there is nothing holding you back from creating product videos. You don’t have to incur the costs of shooting and editing tape or hiring a production company, which frees up funds for other marketing actions. Keep the following tips in mind as you develop your next video which will illustrate the biggest value that most users experience with a given product.

Use customer testimonials whenever possible

Having customers telling the business value story can be much more powerful than having a company employee telling the story. Watching a satisfied customer talk about the high value of a product increases validity for potential buyers. If you have popular products that many customers own and enjoy using, it should not be hard to find people who are willing to provide personal testimonials. Offer a freebie or discount in exchange for a short review.

Keep it to the point

It is easy to make product videos lengthy in an effort to discuss every aspect of a product. If the point of the video is to share the biggest value for customers, you need to stick to that topic. You can provide links in the description or comments section with further information about the product so that people can access technical details if they’re interested. It is recommended to keep product value videos under two minutes, although you can go a little bit longer if you think that a particular story warrants more time.

Showcase your product in the best light (literally)

Telling the business value story for a product is much more effective when the presentation is professional. Take a few minutes to ensure that you are using optimal lighting. If you’re shooting inside, use natural light. If you’re shooting outside, choose a cloudy day. Avoid harsh shadows as much as you can.

Write a script and practice it

No matter what format you are using for your product value video, it is important to have a basic script that everyone in the video has practiced a couple times before you start filming. Decide on a voice for the company (i.e., funny, witty, serious) and stick with it throughout the script. If you’re using a customer testimonial, it may be more appropriate to draft a basic outline or have the customer answer questions ahead of time so the individual isn’t reading from a page, but the presentation still goes smoothly. Don’t be afraid to tweak the script as needed during the practice session.

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