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How-To, FAQ Videos Save Sales Cycles

by Pablo Sanchez

When marketers create videos for companies, they usually focus on content that heightens brand awareness, generates new leads, and reaches new customers. There is nothing wrong with any of these ideas, but there is so much more that businesses can do with their videos. For every sales funnel, there are different kinds of video content that are best suited for different parts of the funnel. Instead of just sticking with the same tried and true topics, branch out and learn how-to and FAQ videos save sales cycles. With just a few additions to your regular video development routine, you’ll be able to take your sales to a new level.

Demonstrate your expertise

People don’t watch videos because they want vague advice from someone who isn’t familiar with a topic. They watch videos because they want to come away with new knowledge from someone who knows the subject inside and out. Either find an expert within your own company or consider hiring someone. There is nothing wrong with bringing in a relevant expert in the industry to get their input for some of your how to and FAQ videos.

Script it

Customers will not stick around for long if a video doesn’t have a tight, well-written script. You don’t want to have a speaker stumbling or jumping into an irrelevant digression. People want answers to specific questions and don’t have all day to listen to rambling. Take the time to write an outline or a draft that you craft into a full script. Have at least one other person proofread it and offer suggestions for revisions. There is no need to memorize a script, but the person delivering it should be comfortable with it so he can recite it smoothly.

If you are crafting a how to video, keep in mind that wordy sentences are tough to film because they require more footage. Your how to script should primarily consist of clear, concise sentences.

Don’t forget about test runs and editing

Take the time to do a test run, particularly for a how to video that has a lot of steps, before you do the final filming. This process will allow you to work out kinks and save time during both the filming and editing steps.

Time it just right

The only way that how-to, FAQ videos save sales cycles is proper timing. If you’re putting together videos that illustrate simple tasks and procedures, you can use them early on in the funnel to attract new customers. If you want to cover more detailed information in a video, share it further into the funnel. Providing personalized details about specific subjects when customers are already interested in your products or services will close sales.

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