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How To Measure & Boost Online Video Ad Engagement

by Rachel Toole

Engagement is the most sought-after metric by advertisers, especially in online video, but it’s hard to quantify on its own. That’s why experts at agencies and places like eMarketer suggest that brands look at where a viewer goes next after watching a video, that video ads be targeted by content and demos, and how much time is spent per viewer per session. For more details on how to measure online video engagement check out this week’s New Media Minute.

Now online video advertising is on track to become one-third of all online display advertising by 2014, and as it grows, advertisers will increasingly look to quantify consumer engagement with those ads. According to eMarketer, engagement can run the gamut from viewing an ad to interaction with the ad to purchase intent. Engagement is important for video ads because online video ads tend to be more expensive than other online formats, so more is riding on them.

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