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How To Transition Your Sales Team Toward Mobile Sales Tools

by Pablo Sanchez

Android devices, iPhones, and iPads are here to stay. As such, you must prepare to transition your sales team to use mobile sales tools. It is important to be strategic with this process in order to keep everyone on the same page and provide executives and employees alike with the support that they need to be successful. Businesses must structure internal cooperation between sales teams, support teams, and traditional IT staff. The following four steps will get you on your way to transition your sales team to use mobile sales tools.

Make it purposeful

Regardless of the technology at hand, employees are going to be wary about using a mobile tool if they don’t understand why they should be using it. You should never introduce a mobile tool without providing comprehensive training. People need to know how the device will add real value to the sales process.

Support the apps

As you transition your sales team to use mobile sales tools, you must provide the necessary support to keep things running smoothly. Mobile technology can be a huge asset for a business but it is only effective when it is working. It is common for sales teams to bring in developers to create and implement mobile sales apps, particularly for electronic collateral. However, once the app is up and running, the developer isn’t around anymore, and the IT department is completely unprepared to provide support.

There are a couple of options to avoid these issues. The first is to purchase a high quality, mobile-friendly app instead of building an app from scratch. The second is to build an app and involve individuals within the organization who will be provided support with the entire process so that they are properly prepared.

Establish a mobile culture

Mobile tools allow a sales team to have access to data and computing from virtually any location. You can drive a fundamental change for sales and customer interaction processes with a mobile culture that emphasizes strong communication, customer responsiveness, and teamwork. Start small and grow from there. Employees get overwhelmed and cannot use their new tools effectively if they are trying to juggle too many new things at once. Provide education and support so that employees can take ownership of their new tools.

Keep up with the latest mobile developments

The mobile world is an ever changing environment. Mobile technology can evolve very rapidly, as can user expectations. Keep an eye on your sales team and their use of mobile tools and apps, and pay attention to their suggestions. In turn, you must follow up with their suggestions appropriately and in a timely fashion to keep the user experience positive and productive.

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