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How Video Drives Qualified Leads

by Pablo Sanchez

Even the beginning businessperson understands – to some degree – the utility of video marketing, because pictures and video are usually able to resonate more memorably with people than words. The ability to read developed in the human race decidedly after the ability to see and take in visual information, and this inestimable fact has always given the sales advantage to the business that can put together engaging media.

These general truths are all well-and-good, but your business needs specific information on how video drives qualified leads. Video helps your business from the very beginning of the sales funnel, to the very end: from promoting awareness of your brand to the multitude of cold, otherwise uninterested prospects, to acquiring qualified leads and finally to getting them to buy your service or product (lead conversion). Well-written copy can push people into the sales funnel pretty well, but stats show that nothing beats a combination of copy and video on the landing page for driving those cold prospects deeper into your sales funnel and out the positive end.

Video Dominates Search Engine Optimization

Just about every product and most services are amenable to using video as a relational medium. Because people interact more readily with video, it has huge value for both social media marketing and search engine optimization. A quick search on Google often displays a YouTube video first per given keyword, in industries that have figured out how best to use video marketing to get their message across. When members of your social network want to add or respond to something of value, they would much rather embed the video form and share it with their busy compatriots than write lengthy descriptions. With this in mind, here are just a handful of ways showing how video drives qualified leads:


  1. Legitimate testimonials from satisfied customers is one of the most successful and attractive uses for video marketing near the end of a landing page. It reassures your prospects, builds trust and shows them that your service is actionable and produces results.
  2. Video has great explanatory power, and can substitute for pages of text more effectively. Use graphics, cartoons, diagrams or drama to show how your product works.
  3. If your product is so easy and self-explanatory to use that a presentation is a bit superfluous, video can be used to detail user stats and benefits, answer most frequently asked questions, and/or read letters from fans.

Make no mistake: video drives qualified leads in droves if you use it correctly. Assess your business needs and translate these to multimedia – you’ll see your traffic explode in short order.

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