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How Video Increases Sales Conversion

by Pablo Sanchez

Online video continues to get more and more popular. It has been proven to increase conversion rates for a wide variety of products and services from personal care to electronics to jewelry. Regardless of your specific products or services, it is very likely that learning how video increases sales conversion will prove beneficial.

It is important to keep in mind that video is much more powerful than still images. Videos don’t even need to be directly aimed at increasing conversions either. For example, many people find that education videos build trust in a brand through user engagement. Interestingly enough, when users have an option to watch a video later, they still convert at a higher rate even when they don’t actually watch the video. As you learn how video increases sales conversion, consider the following applications and tips for video for your company.

  • Home page. A home page is a great place to feature a short overview about a company. If possible, keep the video to a minute in length or shorter.
  • Product pages. There is nothing quite the same as being able to see a product in action. People are much more likely to purchase an item if they understand how it works and why they should buy it. People must be able to figure out whether items are suitable for their needs and preferences. Don’t be afraid to give specific details about the benefits and features. Demonstrate why your products are better than other items on the market without going overboard on the sales pitch aspect of the video.
  • Providing instructions. Many companies spend a lot of time tied up in customer service calls with users who have questions about their products. Providing explicit details about the ins and outs of your products through videos is a wonderful method for streamlining this process. Customers get the information that they need, and customer support staff is freed up to answer calls about more complicated issues.
  • Manually select a thumbnail. Most video hosting services give you the option to manually select a thumbnail or let the program automatically select one. Take the time to preview the automatic selection and change it if needed. You want the thumbnail to be an accurate representation of the video content.
  • Insert multiple clickable links. There are numerous methods for incorporating relevant links into videos. It can be as simple as adding a link to the home page at the end of a video to as complex as adding links to multiple products and/or relevant industry articles throughout the entire video. The longer you can keep people on a page, the more likely they are to convert.

Try a few of these ideas out and see how they can work for your company!

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