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How Video Supports Knowledge Sharing In The Sales Process

by Pablo Sanchez

Have you ever heard an employee say something along the lines of, “They can never fire me because I’m the only person who knows how to do [insert given skill]?” Most likely at some point in your working career you have heard a comment in this vein and may have even made it yourself. While it is easy to focus on the upfront issues of knowledge hoarding that are related to significant retraining costs and bottle necks, there are much deeper underlying issues. The most substantial cost is the stifling that takes place when a company lacks innovation.

So how do you turn this phenomenon around? How do you put the focus on knowledge sharing as opposed to knowledge hoarding? As you weigh the following options, consider how video supports knowledge sharing in the sales process.

Make it safe

Cultivate a work environment where knowledge sharing is safe. People must be confident that they will not compromise their future opportunities and peer relationships by sharing their expertise and opinions. For the most part, employees do not have any major fears and concerns about knowledge sharing. However, sometimes people are wary of trusting management, not confident about their job security, or simply worried how the organizational climate will receive their ideas.

Create a framework for sharing that offers both technological and social opportunities and explicitly promotes it as a priority in your company. For example, employees can put together videos with ideas that they have for improving an aspect of the company. Everyone in the company can view the videos and leave comments.

Make it count

There must be some sort of incentive or reward for people to contribute to knowledge sharing. Where there may be some employees who are willing to share simply for the sake of improving the company, most people need something more. Rather than focusing on the quality of the work or other elements of it, put the focus on the act of sharing. Consider creating videos that highlight new knowledge sharing from employees.

Make it social

If there is any one option where it is easy to see how video supports knowledge sharing in the sales process, it is making it social. Maximize the potential for making shared knowledge a social experience. People love to create and share within a social context. This type of sharing offers an intrinsic reward that is often more motivating than positive performance reviews or even financial incentives. Encourage employees to use audio and video in their sharing to make the content both human and relevant. You’ll be able to create a record of the shared knowledge which may encourage even more participation.

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