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If You Don’t Believe Content Is King, You’re Already Behind

by Pablo Sanchez

You are probably familiar with the phrase “content is king,” but what does it mean? Is content really such a key component of success for businesses these days? As of February 2014, an Ascend2 / Research Partners study confirmed that creating relevant, compelling content is more than three times as effective as any type of email marketing tactic. So why isn’t everyone creating killer content? The same marketers also state that while it is the most effective tactic, it is also the most challenging. Keep the following considerations in mind as you craft content so that you can make “content is king” a reality for your company.

Embrace a mobile-first attitude

As smartphone and tablet use continue to rise, so does the time that users spend interacting with content on their devices from reading industry news articles to watching tutorial videos to browsing galleries with photos of new products and services. In 2014, daily tablet video viewing is predicted to increase from 13 to 20 minutes, and daily smartphone viewing is predicted to increase from nine to 13 minutes.

Instead of creating content for web browsers and then considering mobile viewing, mobile should be at the forefront of all of your content development. If you don’t have a responsive website design that adjusts formatting for desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers automatically, you need to update your site as soon as possible.

Go beyond text

People hear the word content, and they immediately think of text. In reality, content is virtually anything that you publish that is beneficial and memorable for communicating your brand and setting yourself apart from the competition. It can be anything from a video to an infographic to an ebook. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types and lengths of content to determine what is most effective for your audience. The bottom line is that it should resonate with your audience and help you accomplish your goals.

Focus on the bigger picture

While content is king, it is still one piece in a larger marketing plan. Creating and publishing high quality content is a great start. However, for it to reach a wide audience, you must optimize for search engines and mobile devices and must establish and maintain a solid social media presence. Without active online followers who take an interest in your brand, you’re unlikely to get substantial likes, shares, and comments that continue to drive traffic to your content.

Make sure that your old content continues to get exposure as well. Build backlinks to older relevant content in new posts, and craft social media posts to share older content. For example, if you wrote a St. Patrick’s Day article last year, share it again this year. Or if you just published a new post about building brand awareness on Facebook, and you wrote another post about brand awareness a couple years ago, share it again while you have readers thinking about the topic.

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