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Is Video Content the Big Elephant in the Room for Content Marketing?

by Jay Durgan

Even if you’ve mastered the art of online marketing through informative blog posts, engaging social media activity and valuable white papers, you’re not capturing the full potential of content advertising. These days, there one up-and-coming thing that you can’t ignore with content marketing: video content. It’s termed the “elephant in the room” because it is the marketing tool that’s so obvious, yet so underused. Here’s why you need to put video in your marketing tool kit and reap its many benefits.

Your prospects watch video. When you surf the internet for information on topics important to you, chances are you prefer one type of content over another. Your prospects have the same habits, as many of them are clicking on articles that feature text formats. However, a huge number of them prefer to view videos and consume the information more thoroughly than text. Plus, your potential customers are watching more videos on mobile devices, so you’re losing a large segment of your target audience if you don’t give them what they want.

Your competition is using video. Take a quick look online at what your competition is doing online, and you’re likely to discover that they’re using video to generate leads. They’re reaching out to people that could be your customers if you position your company in the places your prospects are looking. There’s really just one thing to take away from this point on content marketing: Video content is working for your competitors, so you need to make it work for your company.

People love to share video. When your prospects come across information that’s interesting or useful to them, they want to share it with friends and colleagues. Video is what they’re forwarding more often than other online content, including blogs, emails, white papers and webinars. You may not be going viral right away, but you increase your visibility exponentially with each share on social media.

Video boosts your SEO. While the foundational concept behind online marketing centers on valuable and engaging content, you can’t overlook the importance of SEO. All the major search engines include video as part of their algorithms, so publish them frequently to boost your brand higher on the results pages. Keep in mind that consistency is just as important as posting often. Stick to a schedule so your prospects have something to expect and look forward to.

Video is better at helping you convey key concepts. There are some types of information that your prospects absorb more readily when it’s presented visually versus a text explanation. Video is ideal when attempted to describe more complicated topics to your potential customers, especially when they’re in the early buying stages and need the most information. Product demonstrations in particular are more effective when presenting in video format, as viewers are actually able to see how you provide solutions.

As you can see, your company isn’t going to find success with just sticking to a formula of blogs and other text-based content marketing: Video content is where online marketing is now and where it’s going in the future. Ignoring the elephant in the room won’t drive customers to your website and convert sales. You need to include video as part of your inbound marketing strategy if you want to stay competitive and improve your bottom line.

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