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Landing Pages & Video: Dream Lead Machine

by Pablo Sanchez

You pour hours into creating, tweaking, and testing a landing page. You’re sure that adjusting the font size and button colors and rewriting the headline is going to increase your conversion rate. It would be great if all this were true, but the reality is that these changes are not likely to make a big difference. After all, you have a matter of seconds to impress consumers before they move onto something else. If you’re not using landing pages and video together, it’s never too late to start. The opportunity here is huge.

Video is easy

People are lazy. Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes for a minute. Would you rather read a 1,500 word article or watch a 2 minute video that covers the same content? Six out of seven people would rather watch the video than read the text. Additionally, the average web user only reads between 20 and 28 percent of the text on a webpage. Instead of putting all of your effort into the text, put most of it into creating a video. To engage users, make sure to spell out the main points of the video right at the beginning.

Video tells a story

People love stories. Including a relevant interesting story in a presentation is a sure fire way to get people to remember something about the content. Stories provide a human element for products and services. Video is an ideal medium for storytelling. You can explain how a product or service works but also why it matters. Viewers gain an instant personal connection to a brand, thanks to a good story. Tell your story in just a minute or two to appeal to the short attention span of most online video viewers.

Video offers substantial search engine optimization (SEO) benefits

High quality content has taken over the search results, which means that keywords no longer have the utmost importance any more. When search engines crawl your site, videos boost the value of the site. A website with at least one video is 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of major search engine results, largely due to the lack of competition. When you include a video in a landing page, make sure to accompany it with a small text section to increase search engine exposure.

Write a script for each video and practice it ahead of time to make the video flow more smoothly. Use physical or verbal cues to point users to the landing page conversion goal or call to action. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formats and options such as a short versus a long format or auto play versus press play.

Are you looking for video landing page tutorials and examples? There is a wide range of free templates and tutorials available online to get you started with this process. You can also view a wealth of excellent video landing page examples for further inspiration.

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