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Micropublishing Is Not Over!

by Pablo Sanchez

Microsites are one of the best publishing tools that businesses have at their disposal. A microsite serves as a discrete set of webpages designed to operate independently of the main website. This allows you to focus your reader’s attention on a single product, concept, or marketing drive.

We have read that micropublishing is a thing of the past, and that microsites are done with. MediaMobz does not believe this – our experience shows that micropublishing is not over. Microsites continue to be an essential tool for innovative marketing. That’s why we have a publishing studio designed to enable fast, easy, and complete micropublishing – what we call our MOBZxpress pages.

Take for example the micropage created for Global Partnership for the Oceans – World Bank. World Bank is a huge organization, and while the Global Partnership for the Oceans is important, this endeavor is ultimately peripheral to the organization as a whole, so much so that embedding the Global Partnership site within the World Bank’s main website would swallow it. Instead, we helped to create a dedicated website designed to give this endeavor the attention it deserves. We created a similar page to host KPF’s Microdesk Success Story. Again, this architectural firm had an important story to tell that was only a small part of the business as a whole.

That’s why micropublishing is not over – it enables organizations to give small stories the attention they deserve. When you have a special endeavor such as a nonprofit drive or a success story, you can showcase it and keep your reader’s attention by giving it its own dedicated website. Micropublishing can be used to give the key information and resources you need to communicate, while retaining reader interest.

The Logistics

A microsite can host any essential information that needs to be shared, including (but not just):


  • Downloadable brochures
  • Downloadable ebooks
  • Videos
  • Slideshows
  • Testimonials


Like any website, microsites benefit from general digital marketing strategies. A microsite can be optimized to get the most hits using a strategy such as SEO. In addition, microsites are great platforms for all types of content marketing, especially content such as videos, brochures, and ebooks which are generally more substantial.

Once a microsite is created, you’ll market it in the same way you would a traditional website. Our clients link their MOBZxpress pages off of email blasts, newsletters, blogs, print and packaging (via QR codes), digital press releases and banner ads.


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