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Mobile Systems Of Customer Engagement

by Pablo Sanchez

For B2B companies honing their mobile strategies, customer engagement is a high priority. It has become a much bigger priority than driving sales through it or even customer satisfaction. In a 2013 survey from Forrester Research, Inc. and OperMarket, Inc., 62 percent of mobile channel decision makers listed customer engagement as a high priority while only 27 percent listed sales. Companies are adapting a long-term goal of increasing sales through mobile as part of a multichannel strategy that takes place after cultivating strong customer relationships.

Are you still not convinced? Check out the following statistics about mobile users from a ClickFox mobile survey:


  • 78 percent reported using mobile apps for customer service purposes
  • 72 percent would replace some of the traditional channels with mobile apps if they had access to the same customer service features
  • 73 percent have used a mobile app to make a purchase or help them with a purchasing decision


As you build these customer relationships through mobile devices, consider mobile systems of customer engagements. Creating a systematic approach for communicating with customers is beneficial for both employees and customers. Everyone appreciates having a single system to get questions, comments, and feedback addressed in a timely manner. Consider the following options for mobile systems of customer engagement.


Appboy helps their customers increase mobile app engagement in three simple steps.


  1. Understand target audience. Appboy builds detailed identities for each user including behavioral data, demographics, social influence, and in-app purchases.
  2. Create user segments. It is rare to have a marketing message that is intended for everyone. Appboy lets companies define target audiences, such as lapsed users and big spenders, and then cater content to them accordingly.
  3. Send multi-channel messages. With Appboy, you can send targeted messages to specific user segments. Select from email, push notifications, in-app messages, and an in-app feed.


BlueLabel Apps

BlueLabel Apps is known for their high quality mobile apps that encourage customer engagement and brand loyalty. They allow any company to own and manage a user-friendly app without any programming knowledge or experience. A new app can be up and running in just a few days’ time. BlueLabel Apps shows businesses how to engage customers and bring in repeat business through push message alerts and updates, social sharing, viral marketing, loyalty programs, and QR coupons.¬†All of these features are available right in the app.

When you use a BlueLabel app, you get to keep customers informed, connect with GPS and one-touch calling, and track your success with powerful analytics. Build customer loyalty with in-app incentives, cultivate viral buzz through social media, grow your mailing list, and gain exposure for your brand, keeping you ahead of the competition.

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