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Telling The Story of The Most Creative Application of Your Product

by Pablo Sanchez

Customers often come up with creative uses for products that companies never would have imagined themselves. If one customer has found benefit in an innovative use, it is likely that other customers will appreciate it, too. Why not get the story out there? Fellow consumers enjoy ingenuity from their peers, and showcasing these ideas increases exposure for the products and the brand itself. As you develop videos of creative product applications, keep the following tips in mind.

Have the customers share their own stories

Videos of product applications are most powerful when users showcase the qualities and features. There is no better method for selling a product to prospective customers than allowing them to see someone who has purchased the product talk about it. Provide a discount or other incentive for customers who are willing to offer short reviews or testimonials.

Script, film, edit, repeat

The newest smartphones, tablets, and point and shoot cameras all have the ability to shoot video. Many computers are equipped with basic editing software. In an age where entry level DSLR cameras are quite affordable, you can even take your video to the next level and use a professional video shooting mode.

“Script, film, edit, repeat” is the traditional video production approach. While it is also the most time consuming approach, there is a reason that it has become the standard. As the process of shooting and editing video is inexpensive, the only thing that you’re spending is the time, which will be worth it for the exposure that a high quality video brings for a company.

Maintain focus

The task of creating a product video can be overwhelming. Having a specific focus, such as the most creative product application that the company has ever seen, gives the video direction. Typically, a focus results in a higher quality video that is easier to achieve. Once you have decided that you’re sharing an innovative application, stick to this focus. People who are looking for additional information about the product can click on a link that you include at the end of the video in a call-to-action.

Provide optimal lighting and audio

Shooting a video with the right lighting and high quality audio sets your company apart from all of the amateur videos online. While digital cameras, camcorders, and smartphones do have internal microphones, you will get much better results from an external microphone. There are several different types available including lapel mikes, handheld models, and wireless versions. The most basic microphones will not break the bank. Research the type of microphone that is most appropriate for your product videos and go from there.

If you’re shooting video inside, choose a location with ample natural light and no harsh shadows. Eliminate distracting elements, such as miscellaneous items on a table, in order to keep the focus on the customer and the product at hand. If you’re shooting outdoors, choose an overcast day.

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