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The Importance Of Mobile Publishing To The Sales Process

by Pablo Sanchez

As of October 2013, 91 percent of all individuals on Earth have mobile phones, a little over half of which are smartphones. Half of all mobile phone users use their devices as their primary Internet source. 80 percent of mobile time is spent utilizing apps. There is no denying the prevalence of mobile devices and, as such, the importance of mobile publishing to the sales process. All B2B companies must learn how to create motivating, engaging mobile content and then maximize its potential.

How companies are leveraging mobile devices

The following are some of the most popular techniques for leveraging mobile technology:


  • Mobile-friendly website. Standard website code does not automatically translate into mobile-friendly code. Create a separate mobile version of your website.
  • Mobile specific content. Consider releasing content that is only available on mobile devices, such as mobile only sales and other special incentives.
  • App. Many consumers go straight to a company’s app before checking out Twitter or even Facebook. Create an app that gives customers the tools that they need while they’re on the go.
  • Social media on the go. Give customers an incentive to check in via Facebook and Foursquare, such as a coupon or free item.
  • SMS campaigns. A great example of a mobile SMS campaign is offering an opt-in to receive savings directly on a mobile device.
  • QR codes. Use QR codes to provide information about products and services.


If brands are becoming publishers, mobile publishing must become part of the sales process.

As smartphone and tablet use becomes more widespread, so does mobile purchasing. People are using their mobile devices to buy everything from clothing to magazines to video games. Users make purchases through mobile apps, mobile-friendly websites, and regular websites. In order to increase your sales, offer detailed product descriptions, clear pricing, a simple checkout process, and consumer ratings or reviews.

Video is the most effective message delivery unit for mobile.

In order to understand the importance of mobile publishing to the sales process, you must understand the type of content that people are viewing on mobile devices. Mobile users want visual content and seek it out as often as possible. Adding a strategically placed video or set of images can make or break the effectiveness of mobile content.

Keep in mind that users do not want lengthy, image-heavy content. Many devices and plans do not have the capacity for long videos and large amounts of high resolution images, and most mobile users are not looking for this type of content anyway. As such, you need to create short, relevant videos that users can view in the matter of one, at most two, minutes in between other tasks.

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