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The New Video Customer

by Pablo Sanchez

Every year online video becomes more widespread, and the number of people who are watching online video increases. Almost 70 percent of online users have viewed an online video at least once. Nearly a quarter of these users watch videos at least once a week. You don’t even have to go looking for online video to find it all over the place. There are numerous blogs and websites that have imbedded videos in pages and posts. Online video ads are also prevalent. If you’ve ever gone to a website, had an online video ad pop up out of nowhere, and then found yourself watching the whole thing, you understand the power of this type of advertising.

As a B2B company, how do you cater to the new video customer? They are developing personal habits that they are unconsciously carrying into the work setting. They’re also watching videos on a daily basis and have high expectations. The good news is that with a few simple tips, you’ll be on your way to keeping a happy base of video-loving employees.

People’s personal viewing habits are carrying over into the workplace

Many people do not separate their personal video viewing routine with their work video viewing routine. Whether they are sitting through a weekly division meeting in the office or they’re attending a professional, weeklong conference with a few of their co-workers, they expect the same kind of content. Here are a couple ways that you can bring the personal viewing experience into the workplace.


  • Deliver the right content for the right device. We all know how frustrating it is watching a video intended for PC viewing on a smartphone or iPad. When you film and edit a video, consider where people will be watching it.
  • Meet the needs of the multi-tasker. As more people get comfortable watching videos on the go, they are doing more multitasking while they are watching. The new video customer may appreciate being able to watch a video on his own time when he is or isn’t doing something else at the same time and then come together later with other employees to discuss it as a group.


Customers watch video every day and their expectations are consequently high

Once upon a time, employees might have had a little more patience for a slow-paced video in which the participants were not wearing microphones. In an age where there are literally thousands of high quality videos available for free online on just about every topic imaginable, people expect the best wherever they go. The workplace is no exception. Rise to the challenge and do the research that you need to create top notch, engaging content.

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