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Today’s Top Online Video Trends

by Jay Durgan

Recent statistics are solid proof that video is quickly becoming the go-to content format when consumers are researching products and services online. More than 45% of Internet users watch at least one video per month, with the average user being exposed to around 30 videos during that time. Other trends in online video establish that around 90% of shoppers find such content to be useful in making purchasing decisions. What’s behind these phenomena?

The video trend connects you with qualified prospects when you develop targeted content.

One of the main reasons video is so popular is that the format combines visual and audio elements to convey information. Appealing to two of the five senses is efficient in that it conveys a double-punch of content in a short amount of time. Video also maintains high visibility among search engines, which means you’re more likely to be found by those looking for engaging information. Plus, it’s original as far as being unique and your own branded content. Video enables the correlation between a face and a name for your company.

Concentrate on the top online video sites where your potential customers are hanging out.

1. YouTube: It’s no surprise that this giant takes the number one spot. As trends in online video come and go, it consistently draws in the most viewers on a daily basis. Its customizable channels and easy-to-share format also make it a valuable tool for marketers. If you take advantage of just one tool in online video, make it YouTube.

2. Facebook: While primarily known as a social media platform, Facebook Video has big impact mainly because it features an enormous number of subscribers. Five hundred million people access this site every day. Another advantage to Facebook for marketers is ease in sharing video content.

3. Vine Video: If you want to keep your videos short and sweet, Vine is an excellent spot to direct your content. Your target audience has a limited attention span, so the 5-6 second format can be effective for quick product demonstrations. More popular videos can even be “re-vined” automatically for even more online exposure and branding opportunities.

Get a feel for who’s watching your videos in order to target your content more efficiently.

Your target audience is quite diverse, so you need to understand that not all of your prospects are going to be engaged by every video you produce and distribute. For that reason, it’s essential to know who you’re addressing with every piece of content that you release. It’s best to drill down to a very limited audience and speak to a very specific topic; otherwise you risk producing a video so general that it appeals to very few.

These top trends in online video should be pretty persuasive in getting you on board with this format. You’re missing the boat if you’re not bringing video into your online marketing fold. If you’re avoiding it because it seems too complex, consider retaining the services of expert video production companies. The cost is worth it when you consider the alternative. You can’t put a high enough price on missed business opportunities.


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