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Video Delivers More Information With Less Time

by Pablo Sanchez

Many businesses jump on the video bandwagon because it seems like the popular thing to do these days. There is no denying the power and reach of online video. Nearly 70 percent of online users have watched a video online at least once. Approximately 25 percent watch a video a minimum of once a week. However, it is not uncommon for companies to miss out on the full potential of online video.

The bottom line is that delivering more video information with less time is guaranteed in nearly every scenario. Additionally, users are likely to be more engaged and more motivated to further up with the content (i.e., visit the company’s Facebook page). Consider the following examples that illustrate delivering more video information with less.

One video vs. 20-page PDF

Think about the last time you searched online for information on a given topic. Maybe you’re in the market for a professional camera, and you’re trying to decide whether you’re going to purchase a Canon or a Nikon. Consider the format for the information that you would most like to view. One option would be to watch a five minute video in which a well-renown photographer explains some of the major similarities and differences between the Canon and Nikon models in your price range. Another option would be to read a 20-page PDF in which the same photographer explains the same information.

While you may get individuals who are game to comb through the entire PDF to get the details that they need, most people aren’t going to make it past the first page. It can still be tempting to write the PDF because of the time that you may save with the process of writing and editing an article vs. shooting and editing a video. It’s debatable whether that’s even true. However, the views that you’ll get on the PDF vs. the video will make any extra bit of time that you spend well worth the effort.

One video can be edited to deliver multiple video units

Once you shoot a video, there are so many possibilities for it. Resist the urge to shoot one 20 or 30 minute video and publish it without doing any editing. One lengthy, unedited video will put you right back in the PDF scenario. Again, you will get a few people who hang in there and watch the entire thing, but most people are looking for shorter videos.

You can break a video down into as many units as you need. You also have complete control over the order in which you publish them. Take the time to figure out what will be the most beneficial to your target audience and then cater the content to them accordingly.

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