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Video is the Hottest and Fastest Growing Marketing Medium!

by Rachel Toole

Watch this short video for some mind-blowing statistics on the importance of video marketing…

Video marketing represents a better way to communicate with today’s potential customers by utilizing a medium and technology that they incorporate into their daily lives. Most studies show that the average person would much rather see a video on a specific topic then read about it. This is especially true for businesses with specific services and products that require a bit more explanation than other types of businesses.

Video marketing can also help businesses by:

• Helping company’s gather actionable data based on user engagement.

• Directly informing customers about any aspect of the business, product or service.

• Generating more leads.

• Engaging more customers.

• Building brand awareness.

• Creating and optimizing a purchase funnel for their specific products.

Video marketing is also relatively inexpensive. This means that it can produce more results with less cost to the company. Unlike a video TV commercial, which has to be designed, produced and then distributed by paying for a TV network to send it out, online video marketing costs almost no money to distribute the video and very little money to actually produce the video.

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