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Video is the new face of Content Marketing: What are you doing about it?

by Pablo Sanchez

In 2013, video took hold as the new face of content marketing. There is no question that video is an efficient, effective content tactic that is becoming more widespread every day. However, many companies put most of their effort into the creation process and don’t think much about the marketing component. Creating video is just the first step. The following tips will get you using video for content marketing successfully in a matter of weeks.

Produce diverse content

The best marketers produce a wide range of video lengths with everything from 30 seconds to 20 minutes. It can be easy to get into a rut and use the same formula and length for all of your videos. While there is nothing wrong with using a tried and true format that resonates with your target audience, ultimately, you’ll attract more viewers with a variety of content.

Videos are an ideal format for a wide range of subject matter from product demonstrations, to how-to instructions, to customer testimonials. Two great marketing techniques are using videos for short teasers about upcoming products and events (i.e., webinars, sales) and for sharing viewer content. For example, invite customers to share video clips of themselves using one of your products in a creative manner and then share the best clips in a future video.

Align video content with your brand

Your videos should support and build your brand through style, pace, and quality. You want your customers to recognize your brand instantly across multiple formats. Branding can be as simple as including a logo at the beginning and end of each video, to as involved as using the same tone that you use for your social media posts.

Video is one more way that you can display your brand’s identity and convey your key messages. What does your brand stand for and how are your customers going to see that? If you’re not sure how to communicate brand proposition and position via video, check out Nike and Red Bull’s YouTube channels.

Integrate web and YouTube content

Out of the most effective business oriented YouTube channels, 63 percent have consistent branding across their websites and YouTube channels and 61 percent embed YouTube content on their websites. You increase exposure for both channels while solidifying your brand’s presence. Any time you publish a new video, consider writing a blog post about the same topic and embedding the video in the post.

When you host videos on YouTube, the platform compensates for multiple devices automatically, which is key for reaching mobile and tablet users through both your website and YouTube channel. As of May 2014, mobile devices account for 10 percent of online video plays worldwide. Additionally, online video accounts for half of all mobile traffic and nearly 70 percent of traffic on certain networks.

Each YouTube video page features social media sharing buttons, which are critical for driving user engagement. 92 percent of mobile video viewers share video with others.



Driving B2B Sales through Content Marketing

Driving B2B Sales through Content Marketing

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