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Video Serves Your Distributed Sales Team

by Pablo Sanchez

Does your B2B company have a distributed sales team with employees working in multiple locations? When the majority of the entire team works from home, particularly if they’re in different geographical locations, it can be tough to maintain a close-knit group of employees that works toward the same goals. The good news is that video serves your distributed sales team positively. Whether it’s making communication easier, building trust, or promoting leadership, video can be a great asset. Consider the following advantages of video for distributed sales teams.



Once upon a time video was expensive to make and time consuming to download. However, in this day and age, employees can stream video content from any wireless internet connection. One of the most important ways that video serves your distributed sales team is by making content readily accessible on multiple devices. Some team members may prefer to watch videos at home on their PC or laptop computers while other members would rather watch them on the go from smartphones or tablet devices. Learn the needs and preferences of your employees and cater to them accordingly.

Eliminates the need for weighty materials

Do you remember spending hours putting together large 3-ring binders before video conferences and then shelling out large amounts to ship them all over the country? Does anyone miss those days? Now that you can prepare and send videos electronically, your B2B company has a lot of extra time that can be better used for other pursuits. Again, make sure that the materials that you send can be viewed on any device. For example, if you want people to watch a flash video before an upcoming online training session, remember that most smartphones and tablets cannot display flash. It is okay to use this material, but let people know where and how to view it.

Ensures continuity

One of the most nerve wracking parts of the old weighty materials scenario was waiting to see if everyone got all of the materials that they needed. You could spend days wondering if the Dallas employee received the exact same set of paperwork as the Los Angeles employee. Did the Chicago employee receive any materials or is the box still sitting in the post office as the tracking information indicates? When you send a video for an entire team to view, there is no wondering, confusion, or risk of misplaced materials.

Sending a video to a whole distributed team at the same time ensures that everyone stays fresh, current, and on the same page. Your staff has the information that they need to communicate effectively about current company goals and initiatives and work together on solutions.

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