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Video’s Contribution To Lead Management, Sales, and Customer Service

by Pablo Sanchez

B2B companies interested in content marketing have several areas of focus including lead management, sales, and customer service. While it may seem like an overwhelming task, each area is so important that it must remain a high priority. Have you considered video’s contribution to lead management, sales, and customer service? As you assess what is and isn’t going well in each of these aspects, think about how you can use video to make improvements and fine tune existing practices.

Lead management

Lead management starts when a salesman initially identifies interest from a potential client through one or more of the following methods:


  • Awareness initiatives (i.e., PR, social media)
  • Discoverability initiatives (i.e., search marketing, search engine optimization, and trade shows)
  • Direct connections (i.e., list acquisition, cold calling)


Sales lead management programs concentrate on building customer interest through lead nurturing and education campaigns. These campaigns can include, but are not limited to, webinars, ebooks, white papers, and videos. Videos are an excellent method for getting potential buyers engaged and motivated right from the start. Consider the content that will be most beneficial to customers at this point in the sales process and tailor your videos accordingly.


The possibilities for video throughout the sales process are endless. There is no component of the sales cycle that cannot benefit from video. From the very first time that a customer learns the name of a new company to the day that the same customer places a large purchase order, the experience should be positive. What is and isn’t working well in the sales cycle? If you have existing video content, how do customers respond to it? Where is there room for improvement?

Keep in mind that video drives sales effectiveness. You don’t ever want to have customers walking away because some aspect of the sales cycle is confusing or off putting in any way. For example, do you get a lot of questions about a particular set of products or services that your business offers? Consider putting together a short series of videos that illustrates their purposes or applications.

Customer service

When companies think about video’s contribution to lead management, sales, and customer service, they often make the mistake of creating separate functions for each component. Even when companies do make the effort to merge the functions, they are frequently disappointed with the results. One particular area of weakness is ignoring investments in social listening.

For example, do you have a formal program to address customer feedback and questions? If not, it’s never too late to create one. If you do have one, but you haven’t done much with it, consider video use. For example, gather frequently asked customer questions and create succinct videos to address them.

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