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Webinar Videos Do’s and Don’ts

by Jay Durgan

There are many spins you can take when presenting information in video format related to topics that are important to your prospects. Product demonstrations are popular, “day in the life” videos allow customers to get to know your company, and footage of success stories of your current customers can be quite effective. However, more companies are finding success with webinar videos to generate leads. Here are some do’s and don’ts to give you an in-depth look at this online marketing tactic.

DO incorporate a thoughtful Q&A segment. Engaging your audience is key to keeping their attention, so encourage them to interact during your webinar. Use a webinar platform that allows them to ask questions and get involved. Just make sure you anticipate some of the inquiries so you’re not leaving them high and dry without an answer.

DON’T forget to allow interaction with your audience. Besides dedicating some time to Q&A during your webinar, you should also invite other forms of interaction. Ask your viewers to provide anecdotes about real-life experiences and share these stories with your audience. You could also ask for images to inspire their participation.

DO work with a partner. Webinar videos are time consuming to produce and can be expensive if you need to invest in the proper equipment. Working with another company can cut down on the time and costs involved, so long as your roles in the collaboration are well-defined.

DON’T cover an overly broad topic. If your prospects are going to tune in during their busy day, you need to make it worth their while. Spending time on generic topics is a waste of their time, as they’re probably already aware of the information you’re presenting. Narrow down your focus to a timely, interesting subject that will enlighten them.

DO bring on an expert to provide fresh insight. You might have a wealth of knowledge on the topic you’re presenting at your webinar, but your prospects still want to hear from other experts in the industry. Their opinions provide fresh insight and demonstrate your willingness to share the spotlight. You don’t necessarily need to invest a fortune in finding someone to present: Talk to a colleague and offer to return the favor, thereby doubling the exposure for both of you.

DON’T misjudge your audience. If there’s one mistake newbies make when presenting webinar videos, it’s having no clue as to what their prospects want to see. Many companies simply speak on subjects they want their audience to know; even worse, they include a sales pitch touting their success stories. Your potential customers want information, not an advertisement. Do your homework before you decide on what to cover in your webinar. Know where your audience is in the buying cycle and speak to that segment of the sales funnel. Find out what’s important to them by looking at what previously-published content was successful.

Now that you understand the long and short of webinar videos, you can get started on producing your own. You’ll need some practice and a solid script to work from, but you can publish them often once you get the hang of the process. Plus, mastering the art of the webinar video gives you one more tool to get a leg up on your competition and drive business to your company.

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