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Whiteboard Videos – 6 Reasons Why

by Rachel Toole

A common misconception about video production is that it’s too expensive. However, for the cost, a video is one of the absolute best pieces of marketing material you can create for your business. According to Google:

Videos are as effective as TV in building awareness of your business. And they get results – like an average 20% increase in traffic to your website

In fact, brands today are investing in custom and long-form video content rather than repurposing TV commercials. TV ads cost a fortune, both to produce and to run. But a web video can be as cheap as you want it to be, and the broadcasting is free.

Here are some other reasons you need a video:

Reason 1 – People don’t want to read

Video has been proven to increase message retention by as much as 300% when compared to text-only messages. Video stimulates more senses – audio, visual – than does text-only messaging and when combined with a text release, you have a very powerful combination.

Reason 2 – Rank higher in search

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google, who owns YouTube. People are searching for YOUR product or service not just on Google, but on YouTube.  If they don’t find your video, they’ll certainly find your competitor’s.

Reason 3 – Endlessly Shareable

Videos are so easy to share and embed in other websites that if your video is compelling your fans will do your marketing for you.

Reason 4 – Endlessly Versatile

This single video has so many purposes. Of course you’ll post it on your site and YouTube, but what about using it in your office, at trade shows, loading it onto a flash drive and handing it out to prospective clients?

Reason 5 – Make an Impression

With animation, visitors to your site will remember 58% more on average than with just images and text. It is LITERALLY impressing itself on your prospect’s brains.

Reason 6 – Some Stats

  • Including your video in an email marketing blast will increase your click-through rate by 96%
  • Adding an explainer video to your website can increase your conversions by 20%
  • Videos on your site also increase brand recognition by 76%

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of producing this Whiteboard Video on behalf of Dominican University of California. The video was posted on their website & YouTube Channel, shared  internally & externally with students, and presented at collegate events!

Still not convinced?  Your competitors are. Get your Whiteboard Video.

+ Rachel Toole

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  1. MGR removals says:

    Exceedingly Great tips! I never imagined how inexpensive video until I read this article on video post by media board. You gave me a very useful insight about video. Thank you.

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