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Why Companies Are Resistant To Doing Video

by Dave Toole

The concept of content marketing isn’t brand new, as early adapters caught on quickly to realize the value in attracting customers through interesting, educational material. Still, some businesses have been slow to appreciate the potential and even slower to recognize that “content” doesn’t just mean the written word. Video is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and move prospects further into the sales funnel, but some marketers are hesitant to take the leap. Here are some reasons why companies are resistant to doing video.

Many companies underestimate video marketing popularity. Your potential customers consume content differently while searching for information on topics important to them. Some are drawn to text, while others absorb material more effectively when it’s presented visually. You’re missing out on huge segment of your prospects if you only publish content in text form. Plus, video can be a great way to convey more complicated concepts or demonstrate products.

Old school marketers don’t realize how well video marketing establishes trust. Your prospects start looking for information on products and services long before they’re ready to buy. However, they’re also researching the companies that they’ll potentially purchase from. Video content creates a personal connection by putting a face on your brand, more so than text material can. Earn their trust through video that provides valuable information and they’re more likely to buy from you.

Some businesses don’t know the potential for video and SEO. Content marketing is based on providing value through publication of useful, engaging material that helps your customers solve problems; however, your prospects can’t find your content if you’re not also incorporating SEO concepts. Include the trending keywords and phrases that your customers are looking for when developing your video script, and your content will soon work its way up the search engine ranking pages.

There are many who assume Smartphone users don’t like video. When looking at why companies are resistant to doing video, it’s important to appreciate the growing number of internet users that primarily use their Smartphones and tablets. The number of people who reach for their mobile devices when searching for information has increased exponentially in recent years; that trend will continue. There was a time when video content didn’t load well on Smartphones, but more devices are now optimized for video with high-resolution screens. Today, avoiding video content means you’re missing out on a large segment of your potential customers.

Budget-conscious companies think video is too expensive. The truth is that you can be flexible with your video content costs, expending as much or as little as you want. Technology makes it easy to produce videos right in your own office with little more than a webcam and some editing software. You don’t need to hire a production company and spend thousands for a sleek, professional video that says the same thing you can.

As you can see, there’s very little justification as to why companies are resistant to doing video. The benefits greatly outweigh the costs, so there’s really no excuse for not including video as part of your content marketing approach. Getting on board might involve a learning curve, but the effort is certainly worth the investment. It’s time to even the playing field with your competition and embrace video in your online marketing portfolio.

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