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Why Your Mobile Display Advertising Would Be Better Served With Video

by Pablo Sanchez

In 2012, mobile video advertising campaigns increased 112 percent. This figure is expected to grow another 78 percent in 2014, making mobile video the digital video space’s most rapidly expanding segment.

Why are mobile ads so successful? Regardless of the device, video is an engaging type of advertising. As consumers spend more time watching videos on their computers and mobile devices, they spend less time watching TV, increasing viewership for mobile ads. WiFi is readily available in numerous public locations, ensuring that you can watch high speed video on the go with ease. As you consider mobile display advertising with video options for your company, keep the following tips in mind.

Combine full screen display and video

Using mobile display advertising with video and full screen display can increase user engagement. Typically, online video links receive low click-through rates on mobile devices. Adding full screen display can increase this figure. Once consumers are familiar with this format for a brand, they become pre-conditioned to click on a full screen ad.

Encourage interaction

Let consumers take control of their own experiences in the video and personalize them with interactive options. When viewers interact with and modify the videos, they are likely to share the results via social media. People enjoy choosing different scenarios for the video and deciding what will happen next. They also like to add personal touches, such as photos of themselves and their family and friends.

Add call-to-action buttons

Make use of rich media tools to add custom buttons to mobile video ads to lengthen interactive experience. For example, when a user clicks on a button to download a podcast from iTunes or a button to share the video on Facebook, he or she is increasing reach for the campaign as well as the brand itself.

Be mindful of the screen size

The video ad should be an appropriate size for a smartphone or tablet screen. Even though the format will be smaller, it should still be crisp and clear. Users should not have a hard time figuring out what is happening in the video or struggle to read the text.

Pay attention to the length

Once upon a time it was best practice to keep mobile video ads in the range of 15 to 30 seconds. As mobile devices become more sophisticated and high speed WiFi becomes more widespread, this phenomenon is changing. While most users still prefer shorter videos because they are on the go while they’re using the mobile devices, there is nothing wrong with creating a full-length mobile video to convey a longer message once in a while.

Maximize social media channels

Many users will view and share videos directly from the source, such as YouTube, Vine, or Instagram. However, you can extend the reach of these ads significantly by sharing them elsewhere, including social media channels. When you link to the video source, you’ll still increase traffic for that channel as well.

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